Wall Graphics for Fundraising Programs

and School Spirit

BIG SPLAT GRAPHICS has taken fundraising into the new millennium! We can develop custom fundraising programs for your school or organization that are easy to do and really raise funds!

Make your child smile with a BSG of them in their bedroom. “Boost” your Booster program! Imagine the look on your teams face we they see a life-size image of themselves SPLAT on their locker room wall.

We can generate You…Any Sport…Any Image…Any Size for your wall or auto! Want to sale 2-foot footballs with your team logo for homecoming?

How about 6-foot tulips or 300 full color customized soccer balls?

Want the ENTIRE TEAM PHOTO 4-feet high by 6-feet wide SPLAT on your wall?

We got you covered!

How does BIG SPLAT GRAPHICS Fundraiser Programs Work?

No fundraiser should ever be cookie-cutter! Every fundraising effort is different. Groups and organizations have different needs, different goals and varying amounts of people to provide the necessary legwork and effort to raise the funds. For example, you may have 10 Scouts trying to raise $200, or you may have 300 school students trying to raise $10,000.

All SPLAT fundraisers are custom designed to meet your needs. We will consult with you to review your needs and discuss a variety of options with regards to our BSG fundraising programs that will meet your revenue goals and beyond.

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Fundraising Profits...
How Much do we Earn?

The answer in short is…you can earn as much as you want, and earn it fast! The price-point for most BSG products enables funds to be raised rapidly and in large increments! If your sales are from $1,000 - $10,000 you organization will earn up to 15% commission, sales over $10,000 receives up to 20% commission!

Average sale price $89.00 x 100(quantity of sales) x 15%(commission) = $1,335.00 profit
Average sale price $89.00 x 175(quantity of sales) x 20%(commission) = $3,115.00 profit

In comparison, it would take 7,000 candy bar sales to make only $2,800.*

Need we say more...GET SPLATTED!

(*Figures based on a national chocolate candy bar companies fundraising program with a profit of 40% at a cost of $1.00 a bar)

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