Wall Graphics from Big Splat - About us

Big Splat Graphics “Team”

Big Splat Graphics™ is not a “Graphic Design Company or Sign Maker Gone Wild” operation! Our “Team” comprised of over 20 year of Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Production and Sign making experience.

Our operation brings to the table a level of unmatched creativity that will treat your job with the expertise that Automobile Companies, Schools, Boosters, Corporations, Pro-Athletes and Universities have come to rely on.

BSG does graphic design

What’s a SPLAT?

Big Splat Graphics is one of the most innovative custom graphic imaging companies in the world. With our patented wall graphic material is a removable, repositionable material that will not leave behind any sticky residue on 99% of surfaces. Our material is also wrinkle and rip resistant. Big Splat Wall Graphics can be illuminated with a backlight, wrapped around smooth poles, ceilings, walls and even wrap around corners! We can take you “From the field to your wall”.

We can take your great-grandfather’s nostalgic action football photo, to the latest in automotive designs and SPLAT it on your office, store or bedroom wall! Show school spirit with SPLAT of individual, team, class and school graphics. Show off your catch of the six-inch Bluegill, oops I mean, your 3-foot trophy Bass you caught last week SPLAT in your game room.

Custom Design and Illustration

Big Splat Graphics is redefining the word CUSTOM! We have some of the top Illustrators and Graphic Designers in the country on our team, custom designing and illustrating any image, brochure, logo, marketing concept, ad campaign or project you can imagine! Every image or design is done to meet our high standards and yours! Do you need an ENTIRE NURSERY WING OF A HOSPITAL decorated with 300, 2-foot Monarch butterflies or a herd of 8-foot tall giraffe's? BABY SPLAT GRAPHICS can fulfill all your image needs!


To all of you, from all of us at Big Splat Graphics - Thank you!


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